Module 1
App Store Buttons (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Have you developed a fantastic app that is available on one or more platforms?

Want your clients to know?

Place our attractive App stores buttons on your web page and they will do the rest.

Pressed for space? Large, Medium or Small: Take your pick!

Module 2
Premium Badges (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Whether it is “Genuine product”, “Discount or Sales offer”, or “Guarantee of Satisfaction” nothing warrants it like a badge.

They come in attractive colors and various sizes.

Choose one that applies to you the most.

Module 3
Premium Banners (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Want to say a lot, without speaking too much?

Our Banners do just that.

I have put the right mix of color and drama to each of them, so that they arrest attention but don’t seek it.

Choose any of the 12 sizes and let your website do all the talking.

Module 4
Premium Buttons (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

What is a Sales Page without a “Call for Action” button? Ans: Worthless!

I have added bunch of them, namely “Add to cart”, “Buy now” &, “Order now” buttons which are completely customizable in terms of size & color.

Module 5
Premium Calendars (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Want to subtly hint your customers of restricted time frame?

Calendars are your ticket.

Use any of the 12 color combinations given or personalize it by resizing or picking the color of your choice.

Module 6
Premium Certificates (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Want to reassure your clients’ about their “safe” purchase but at the same time don’t want to be boring?

Use these Certificates included here; they’re spacious enough to spell out the legalities & interesting enough to stand out.

Module 7
Premium Coupons (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

I have designed the coupons in a way that they stand out and appeal to the customers while subtly reminding them of the stipulated deadline.

Module 8
Premium eCovers (personal rights)
(Value: $997)

Book Covers

DVD Cases

Box Covers


Module 9
Guarantee badges (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

"Space-saving" and "to-the-point" badges are apt for people who want to talk less and mean more.

If you want to assure of clients’ of money back but don’t want to go the certificate way, choose badges.

Module 10
License Options (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Offering multiple pricing options is a proven persuasion technique that can increase conversions and sales.  Customize these graphics to suit your needs.

Module 11
Niche Minisites (personal rights)
(Value: $997)

More & more Marketing Gurus are recommending Minisites for their compact size & amount of information they can contain.

Now you can choose your favorite templates from these 10 outstanding designs...

Module 12
Premium Shadows (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

I’m including a bunch of realistic looking shadows that would give your product, a killer look.

Afraid that you might not find the right size? Relax!

The shadows are available in various sizes, all of which are 100% customizable

Module 13
Awesome Shelves (personal rights)
(Value: $497)

If you want to flaunt your product or make it stand out in you could take help of these attractive shelves.

Use any of these stylish 5 patterns provided and see visitors graph go higher and higher.

Module 14
Social Covers (personal rights)
(Value: $197)

Be it Google+ or Twitter everyone gives a lot of thought on how to the background should look.

What if I give you 8, YES! You read it right, “8 Awesome covers” to boost your online presence? I can see you smiling ear to ear!!! Mission Accomplished!

They includes covers for Twitter, G-plus and Youtube as well.

Here's Everything You'll Receive When
You Invest In This Ultimate Reseller Package Today

  • Component Real Value
  • Module 1 - App Store ButtonsValue $235
  • Module 2 - Premium BadgesValue $335
  • Module 3 - Premium BannersValue $635
  • Module 4 - Premium ButtonsValue $335
  • Module 5 - Premium CalendarsValue $108
  • Module 6 -Premium CertificatesValue $100
  • Module 7 -Premium CouponsValue $536
  • Module 8 -Premium eCoversValue $2485
  • Module 9 -Guarantee badgesValue $201
  • Module 10-License OptionsValue $201
  • Module 11 - 10 Niche MinisitesValue $997
  • Module 12 - Premium ShadowsValue $245
  • Module 13 - Awesome ShelvesValue $235
  • Module 14 - Social CoversValue $235
  • Total Value -   $6,883

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