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Naveed and Eric Holmlund

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is the same package as the one on the previous page, with the following exception:

1) It does NOT include the additional 14 Premium Graphics Modules.

You'll still receive all of this...



Here is a Preview of Download Pages

Your purchase includes, professionaly written and designed salespage, just slap your name and order button on it. The resellers package also includes download pages

One Time Payment of Only


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To your success...

Naveed and Eric Holmlund
Naveed Peerzade & Eric Holmlund

Questions? Please submit a ticket at https://support.graphicsfiresale.com

Upgraded license rights for the main package:
[YES] Can use graphic elements on unlimited sites / projects you own / for your clients.
[YES] Includes developer license.
[YES] Can add to Paid membership sites with personal use rights.
[YES] Can sell entire package with personal rights. (MSRP $17+)
[YES] Can Edit the modules / add your own branding.
[YES] Can Edit the salespage / put your name / change the product title.
[YES] Can be packaged (Minimum $97 package).
[YES] Can be offered as a bonus (For product priced $97+).
[YES] Create derivative works using any elements.
[NO] Can claim copyright to any of the graphic elements.
[NO] Can give away for free.
[NO] Can pass on these rights to your customers.


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